What makes ours the best Prebiotic?

"Arrive Alive"

With PREBIOTICS, Live Delivery is Critical!

Here's what happens with most Prebiotics on the market:

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"Arrive Alive"

With our patented acid proof protection, greater than 95% Arrive Alive!

Granular, Theralac, TruFlora, TruFiber, and Enzalase


Most probiotic/prebiotic products fail to deliver their strains through the harsh acidity of the stomach (pH 1.5-2.5) into the intestinal tract alive -- meaning these products don't work!

It's typical for Lactobacillus probiotic species to lose 4 logs (99.99%) of their live CFU count in the stomach, Bifidobacteria lose 2 logs or 99%. Enteric coatings using varnish-like or super glue substances don't work for prebiotics and probiotics.

The only delivery technology that truly works is a process that incorporates sodium alginate from seaweed into a Vcap containing probiotic strains, this process has been patented by the Master Supplements Corporation and is utilized in the production of their advanced technology prebiotics and probiotics, Enzalase®, Theralac® and TruFlora™.

When a capsule of any of these products is swallowed, the outer Vcap dissolves in minutes and allows an inner, buffered, gel-cap to form that stays intact until it reaches the small intestine where it dissolves and releases the prebiotics or probiotics, 100% aliveDon't settle for a product that does not deliver!

Visit www.enzalase.net, www.theralac.com and www.truflora.com for more information (and photos on the Theralac site!)


The best prebiotics and probiotics are:

  1. Guaranteed through expiration. Supplements such as Enzalase®  Theralac® and TruFlora™ are guaranteed to still contain 30 Billion CFU* on their expiration date. Many other supplement companies print the CFU available at the time of manufacture which means they can arrive at the store dead. Remember ALL PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS NEED TO "ARRIVE ALIVE"! *Enzalase does not deliver CFU since it is an enzyme.
  2. Kept refrigerated and packaged in AMBER GLASS bottles. Prebiotics and Probiotics are perishable. Harmful moisture and oxygen can leak through plastic bottles causing the death of Probiotic Microorganisms. Enzalase® Theralac® and TruFlora™ are not only packaged in amber glass bottles, but our Totally Inert Packaging or T.I.P.™ also prevents moisture and oxygen absorption even if it gets by the glass amber bottle. An additional packaging step:"Nitrogen Flush" guarantees that all oxygen is removed from the bottle prior to packaging FURTHER ASSURING absolute purity and product stability.
  3. Formulated at a minimum of 10 billion CFU (colony forming units) per dose.* A more effective dose is 20-40 billion CFU. But more important than sheer numbers is DELIVERY! It MUST have an acid proof delivery system.
    *Pertains to probiotics, not prebiotics.
  4. Acid-Proof Delivery System! Enzalase® Theralac® and TruFlora™ all use a patented Acid Proof Delivery System to get over 95% of their contents deep into the intestinal tract! This means they are formulated to DELIVER through the acidic stomach so they ARRIVE ALIVE in the intestinal tract.
  5. Free of food allergens. The enzymes in Enzalase® are exclusively plant based and free of any: Yeast, Gluten, Soy, Casein, Wheat, Eggs or Corn.
  6. Formulated with 12 digestive enzymes. Enzalase® has 12 digestive enzymes from 4 very important groups. Each serves a different function to aid digestion and support probiotics. View the complete list and function here.
  7. Properly stimulate probiotics. Our suite of products are made to work in concert with each other to form powerful combinations.
  8. Effective and economical to use. We want you to take the lowest dose possible to achieve optimum results. What good is a low-priced product if you have to take 6 pills a day? With Enzalase® if you take a maintenance dose of only 5 pills a week, a bottle can last you 2 FULL MONTHS!
  9. Guaranteed or your money back. If your supplement company isn't offering you a 100% money back guarantee, they may be hiding something. We stand behind ALL of our Products with great confidence! If they do not work for you, we will refund your purchase price. You can read case studies on Theralac® here. These are cases documented by medical professionals.

ENZALASE, THERALAC  and TRUFLORA are patented probiotics that conform to the above requirements. THERALAC has a very successful 6 year history worldwide.

- Mike Homisak - Master Supplements, Inc.

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